This service has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme, and is eligible for voucher redemption.

This service is a blend of one-to-one training and coaching.  It provides a fully customised learning opportunity for business owners and managers who want to improve their business performance through stronger leadership and more effective management of staff.  The client’s existing skill set , business priorities and staff-related challenges determine the focus for the one-to-one training.

The content  may include:

  • Essential Leadership Skills – Effective Communication; Coaching; Facilitative Leadership
  • Managing People and Performance – Performance Appraisals; Effective Monitoring of Performance; Succession Planning; Disciplinary Processes
  • Effective Recruitment  – from HR planning and appointment processes  to induction into the workplace
  • Conflict Resolution: Preventing and Addressing Conflict in the Workplace – tools and techniques
  • Supporting effective time management in your staff – Delegating effectively; Short term goal setting; Prioritising work

The format is customised to the individual business owner’s requirements.  A usual approach would be:

  • Briefing session to agree requirements (1 – 2 hours)
  • Training/coaching sessions of 1 – 2 hours duration
  • Face-to-face, telephone and email support as the client puts new learning into action – the format would depend on the preferred communication and learning style of the client

On completion of the one-to-one training & coaching it is expected that  as a business owner you will:

  • Feel increased confidence in using effective tools and techniques to select, support and manage your staff
  • Be able to take proactive steps to maintain a constructively harmonious workplace that is focused on your business priorities
  • Have practical frameworks and tools to use when issues arise between  your employees that impact negatively on your workplace effectiveness
  • Enable your employees to more effectively support you in achieving your business priorities
  • Have Quick Reference Guides for ease of use in the workplace

The duration of the one-to-one training and coaching will depend on client requirements.

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