Coaching & Mentoring

A coaching relationship is a partnership based on mutual trust.  This may mean challenging thinking, supporting, sharing observations, or simply being silent to enable processing of new or difficult thinking.  Sheryl Smail’s coaching practices reflect this.  She works flexibly with her clients.  Sheryl focuses on developing self-awareness, confidence and insights into the possibilities open to them.  What each client wants to achieve and his or her challenges will determine the coaching conversation. 

An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) member of the International Coach Federation, Sheryl subscribes to the ICF’s Code of Ethics and bases her practice on the ICF’s definition of coaching; “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

  • Leadership development
  • Coaching and mentoring for executives, business owners, aspiring leaders, facilitators and others
  • Mentoring for governance boards
  • Mentoring for executive teams and other workplace teams

“Our business has grown because of Pivotal.  Some of my attitudes have changed because of it.  One of my key staff member’s attitude has changed too – not that they were bad or anything but the whole thing with Sheryl was an eye opener.” Business Owner

Sheryl has that wonderful blend of high level coaching skills and extensive governance, executive management and business ownership experience.  Clients sing her praises.  She truly empowers and definitely avoids the ‘fostering dependence’ trap.

“She was a sounding board but rather than tell me the answers she’d help me to work through my own thinking. She’d question me and help me through my own thinking process so that I was able to take responsibility because I’d had a chance to really think things through properly.” Executive Manager

Our coaching sessions will be in whatever medium is most comfortable or practical for you – phone, online or face to face.  Call, text or email me +64 27 478 2540, [email protected]

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