It has been said that a meeting without a facilitator is about as effective as a team trying to have a game without a referee. Facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reins.”

We will:

  • Clarify and refine your purpose with you
  • Design appropriate agenda, activities, and processes to achieve needed results
  • Empower full participation so you get full value from the expertise present
  • Promote mutual understanding so you achieve a high quality of group thinking
  • Foster inclusive solutions so everyone is motivated to take accountability for agreed actions
  • Evaluate solutions with you, including identifying and mitigating key risks

Sheryl’s real passion is designing and facilitating group processes.  She is highly skilled at helping her clients get really clear about what they need to achieve and gets a real buzz from working with them to get these results. It is expensive in time and money to bring people together (just do the maths on hourly rate x time, let alone what else they’re not doing because they’re meeting).  It makes good business sense to get value from this investment.

“Take facilitation – I feel like I can sit down with Sheryl for 10 to 15 minutes and portray something and the results will come across [from Pivotal]. It doesn’t soak up a lot of time [talking to Pivotal] and Pivotal is very outcome-orientated. I like that about them.” Chief Executive

Recognised as a Certified Professional FacilitatorTM by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Sheryl spent 4 years on the IAF Global Board.

“Sheryl’s also very good on time.  She keeps to time and covers everything off.  She’s not frightened to dump stuff though –she’ll go along with what’s happening for the group and deal with whatever comes up.” Board Chairman

Please contact us to talk further about how we can help.

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