Pivotal’s conflict coach will help you to:

  • Clarify and achieve conflict management goals
  • Develop insight into the dynamics of the conflicts and disputes you are experiencing
  • Consider the perspective of others with whom you have conflicts
  • Explore options for managing particular conflicts
  • Develop practical plans for managing or resolving conflict

 Unresolved conflict extracts a high price from you – and usually from your family, friends and workplace too.  It can manifest in many ways: Replaying an incident over and over in your mind; Avoiding family members and friends; Finding it difficult to face going to work or to other places where you are experiencing conflict.” Sheryl Smail

Pivotal’s Sheryl Smail is a CINERGY TM trained Conflict Coach.  She uses CINERGY’s TM structured conflict coaching model to guide an informal conversation with you.  Sheryl’s expertise with asking reflective questions will help you better understand the conflict you are experiencing and to develop ways of addressing this conflict that work for you.

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