This service has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme, and is eligible for voucher redemption.

There are two major myths about conflict: that it always involves anger and that it’s always negative. Conflict can actually be a positive tool for growth if you know how to manage it properly. This one-day course will teach participants just how to do that.

Following the workshop 3 one hour coaching sessions are provided to support you as you put your learning into practice.

What you will cover:

  • Defining conflict and the types of conflict
  • Benefits & costs of conflict
  • The role of anger in conflict
  • The five stages of conflict
  • A conflict resolution framework suitable for the workplace (LECSR)
  • Setting norms and rules
  • Using mediation and facilitation
  • Managing differences collaboratively
  • Asking questions; Listening skills; Non-verbal communication
  • Problem solving tools
  • Managing anger and stress

How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand conflict
  • Be able to identify the stages of conflict
  • Use a simple framework (LECSR) to resolve conflict
  • Identify other ways to resolve conflict
  • Develop personal skills necessary to resolve conflict
  • You will receive a workbook that  includes an overview of this training for your future reference

Workshop of One Day
3 one hour coaching sessions
(additional coaching can be provided on an hourly rate or a customised one-to-one training and package can be agreed and priced in advance with a client.)

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