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Recruiting and hiring staff is an expensive process. It is a huge investment in time and money for both the company as a whole and the individuals who are doing the hiring.   However, the old adage of “work smarter, not harder” still applies.

This one-day interactive action learning workshop will cover the key elements of recruiting staff.  It will help you to clearly specify your requirements, understand your recruitment options, assess the people who apply, bring the best candidate on board with you and meet all legal requirements along the way.

The content includes:

  • job analysis to determine the type of person and skill levels you need
  • selecting the most cost effective recruitment method
  • how to interview effectively
  • simple, objective methods for comparing candidates
  • key steps in reference and background checking
  • getting it right when the new person starts
  • review processes for new staff
  • relevant employment law

On completion of the workshop you will:

  • Know the critical factors involved in the hiring and selection process and your role as a manager.
  • Recognise the costs incurred by a business when a wrong hiring decision is made.
  • Develop a fair and consistent interviewing process for selecting employees.
  • Be able to prepare better job advertisements.
  • Be able to develop a job analysis and position profile.
  • Be able to check references more effectively.
  • Understand how important an orientation program is and the key characteristics of the effective ones
  • Understand what you need to do to comply with NZ employment law
  • Have a workbook that includes an overview of this training for your future reference

Duration (sessions/hours)
Workshop of One Day

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