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To meet the diverse requirements of governance boards, this workshop is customised in content, duration and format to meet the priority needs of an individual board of directors/trustees or a cluster of boards or directors/trustees with requirements in common.

Sound governance is essential to business growth and development.  This action learning workshop will build on directors’/trustees’ existing skills and the board’s governance priorities will determine the focus of the workshop content.

The units comprising this workshop have a particular focus on the roles and responsibilities of directors, board members and trustees and on governance documentation.  The content may include:

Roles and responsibilities of highly effective boards

  • Selecting, orienting and engaging individual board members
  • Building a cohesive board
  • Governing versus managing
  • Appointing the CEO/manager
  • Building an effective relationship with the CEO/manager
  • Monitoring and governing company performance
  • Assessing and managing CEO/manager performance
  • Setting the Board agenda

Making expectations explicit: Effective governance documentation

  • Defining and documenting strategic direction
  • Developing a policy framework
  • Determining annual objectives, strategies and priorities
  • Agreeing performance targets
  • Deciding what should be regularly reported to the Board
  • Setting clear expectations for board agenda papers

Following the workshop coaching will be available to support the directors/trustees and their chief executive/manager as they put their new skills into practice.  This coaching may include:

  • Provision of one-to-one coaching support for the Chair as he/she supports the Board to strengthen their governance capability and effectiveness
  • Provision of one-to-one coaching support for the Chief Executive/Manager as he/she seeks to implement new documentation and other governance requirements resulting from the training

Attending Board meetings in a coaching capacity to support directors/trustees put their new skills into practice at the Board table

Duration (sessions/hours)
This workshop is customised to individual Board requirements.
It can be delivered as a one or two day workshop or delivered in modules in association with a board’s regular meetings.
A new board would receive tremendous value from all directors/trustees participating in a 2 day action learning workshop using the opportunity to develop or refine the way in which they will work together.
The duration of the coaching will depend on client requirements.

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