Pivotal’s mediator will:

  • Be impartial, with no vested interest in the outcome of your dispute
  • Work with you to establish and identify expected behaviours of all parties to set the tone for a productive conversation and opportunity to resolve your dispute
  • Listen and help each disputing party identify the underlying causes of the conflict and how they would like to resolve or manage it
  • Protect and maintain confidentiality of the process

What is mediation?

Mediation is an effective, pragmatic and constructive process with high success – and satisfaction – rates. It takes a cooperative, problem-solving approach, by which a neutral third party mediator helps the disputing parties find constructive solutions to problems and make informed decisions. Any agreement reached is that of the parties alone.” LEADR NZ

Pivotal believes that people in dispute are the best equipped to develop their own solutions and that this is made easier when assisted by a trained neutral third party.  Sheryl Smail puts her exceptionally non-judgemental style to use when working with people to help them resolve disputes.  Accredited as a mediator and trained as a conflict coach, she has successfully mediated resolutions in a diversity of conflict situations.

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