New Learning for Online Meetings continued

I’ve found a couple of ‘free’ websites that have reduced markedly my time and effort in working across time zones.  Each has far more capabilities than I’ve outlined below.  I have simply covered the functions that have been invaluable for me.

This website lets me include a link in meeting invites giving the equivalent time and date for each time zone.  I have also set up a Personal World Clock using the time zones that are relevant for me. It also has an Event Planner tool. I can determine best meeting times etc. The information is colour coded for ease of seeing usual ‘working’, ‘awake but may not be working’ and ‘sleeping’ hours.

With Doodle I can check out the availability of essential personnel before establishing a meeting time.  The beauty of it is I don’t need to convert my time into the equivalent time in each of the other participant’s time zones – it does it for us!  Also, I get notified when people respond, I see graphically how many people ‘can’, ‘could if need necessary’, or ‘can’t’ make a certain time and also what is the most popular time.

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