Strategy and Planning

We work with you to:

  • Design and facilitate planning processes
  • Design and facilitate workshops
  • Design and facilitate stakeholder engagement processes
  • Draft planning documentation

Pivotal motivates you to take ownership of your plan and turn it into results.

“That fresh attitude…it invigorates us to do other things, to look at things differently.  Sheryl pulls your head out of the sand!”  Company Chief Executive

Pivotal creates an environment that generates energy, enthusiasm and passion.

“After a few years in business I was going around in circles. I just needed some new input and Sheryl was the one to give me that. What with the long hours I was working I never had time to think. I got into the same trap as I had in my earlier businesses.  I sat down with Sheryl and it seemed like I could start working less hours and getting more money!  I followed her advice to the ‘t’.  I had been working IN my business not ON it.  I couldn’t believe it!” Business Owner

Please contact us to talk further about how we can help.

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