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Website launched

Website launched

Finally made it!
We’ve wanted to refocus and freshen Pivotal’s website for some time.  The initial site was to be transitional only – and how long ago was that?
Wow those years have flown!

What’s prompted us to turn plans into action?  Well, we gave ourselves some of our own medicine – a bit of internal consultancy!
We realised we were not answering potential clients’ fundamental question – Why Pivotal?

We hope our revitalised website will explain much better who we are and what we do and let you see what’s in it for you if you work with us.

Have we achieved this?
Does it work for you? We’d love your feedback.

Pivotal Logo

Pivotal’s logo was inspired by one of our daughter Kate Smail’s designer necklaces. Multi-coloured and multi-layered it shouts energy, uniqueness and flair.  Expert design skills coupled with specialist techniques and creativity transformed individual buttons – a mix of everyday and extraordinary – into a work of wearable art much greater than the sum of its parts.  What a beautiful metaphor for the role of a facilitator!

The button works also as a metaphor on other levels too – helping separate parts come together; joining; closing; making secure.  Buttons are also something you press to get
action – a web icon; the lift button; the ‘reset’ button.

We also desired an image with a strong sense of forward momentum to reflect our intense focus on helping clients get crystal clear about their requirements then working with them to achieve desired results.