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Survey Monkey – Key lesson learnt

Yes, I already knew this BUT it’s not till you do it and have to deal with it that it really is something you know and will not repeat.

Be very cautious in encouraging narrative responses!!  You get wonderful rich feedback that will make everyone happy except the person who has to analyse it!!  In this instance it was me and more than 8 hours later before the wonderful feedback from only 9  questions was collated, key themes identified etc.

New Learning for Online Meetings continued

I’ve found a couple of ‘free’ websites that have reduced markedly my time and effort in working across time zones.  Each has far more capabilities than I’ve outlined below.  I have simply covered the functions that have been invaluable for me.

This website lets me include a link in meeting invites giving the equivalent time and date for each time zone.  I have also set up a Personal World Clock using the time zones that are relevant for me. It also has an Event Planner tool. I can determine best meeting times etc. The information is colour coded for ease of seeing usual ‘working’, ‘awake but may not be working’ and ‘sleeping’ hours.

With Doodle I can check out the availability of essential personnel before establishing a meeting time.  The beauty of it is I don’t need to convert my time into the equivalent time in each of the other participant’s time zones – it does it for us!  Also, I get notified when people respond, I see graphically how many people ‘can’, ‘could if need necessary’, or ‘can’t’ make a certain time and also what is the most popular time.

Learning New Online Meeting Skills

I have learnt so much in the last few months about working across time zones to make things happen. In my Director role with the International Association of Facilitators,
I have global Professional Development accountabilities.  This has resulted in me having to transition from being a participant in multi-participant online meetings to facilitating them.  My sense is that I’m not on my own with this steep learning curve.  If you’re interested, I plan to share some of my learnings as I go along.  Today I share some of my learnings about simply getting ready for the event.  And believe me, even with wonderful support from experienced colleagues, I’ve still learnt the hard way!

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